Saturday, January 26, 2013

Testing the Waters

I am testing the waters to see if I can download images.  I have tried to update other settings, without success.  Go figure.  Let's see how far I can get.

I have been creating daily.  You should see the works all over my office/studio.  There are easily a hundred, and most are not finished quite yet.  

The most recent interruption is returning to university and studying fine art, only fine art (especially printmaking).  Wow!  I feel like tons of blessings from heaven have poured out all over me.  It sticks!  Like I said, wow!

A lot of images are finished and ready to share.  Some may hold a surprise for you.  This time, I have a surprise for you.  Find it below...somewhere.  :)

I think this is called The Midnight Lily in the Artist's Garden.  I think.  It is here somewhere.  This was how I handled a realism piece gone astray.  The title and style lent itself to more fun and whimsey.  Both are in short supply.  

This is one of the fun pieces.  This time it was monochromatic.  I decided a compliment was needed and added the blue.  However,  seeing the equal quantities of orange and white, requires more blue.  This piece then moved from the done to not done pile.  Rats.  Oh well.  I did move on.

This is another one of this style of playing, I mean working.  I wish the stack of these was handy, because the titles are funny.  Again, in progress.  This is an example of how the drawing progresses through the coloring.

The one below is acrylic on paper, Arches 300#.  The ones above are colored pencil on small papers.  This one is about 24x18.  

This is where you get to try it.  I am not very techy, but I think you can capture the image below and print it.  Then color it in, and send me a picture of your best one.  Use the images above to help you know how to color the shapes the wind over and under, in and out, and through.  I look forward to seeing them.  Maybe we can share with everyone.  Give it a try.

This is The Art Room Explosion, and boy has it been with these fun pieces.

Rest assured, simultaneously, realism, printmaking, and sculpture are happening.  Those images, as the one below, will soon be finished, and photographed to share with you.  I guess you will have to come back to see more.  

I'm off to try to add links to some of my favorite artists.

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