Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Facing Challenges

Well, a move at the beginning of the month has been followed with a consistently leaking roof, and plumbing backups almost daily.  As I again sit and wait for contractors, I am wishing I could access my art studio (the room leaking up to 6" on the floor).  I will return and post more soon.  In the meantime, the garden is starting to look good.  

Please come back again.  These are some of the pieces from the past and in progress, until then.

"79 Cents a Pound" - Stollen - colored pencil on masonite, 4x4" approximately.

"Time" - oil on canvas, 6x9'.  This is a photo of the piece in progress.  It is now finished, and awaiting final photography.  Yes; it is 6x9 feet.  The foreground has changed considerably.

This is the left panel of the painting above.  The color difference is a change in cameras.  This panel alone is 6x3'.

"Dressed for the Holidays" was drawn to participate in a great gallery show in Escondido, CA.  I had been drawing another funky lizard.  Continuing on a them was easy.  It is a favorite, measuring approximately 6x9", colored pencil on paper.

Drawing and painting are just a few of the media I explore with much pleasure.  Fiber arts are also full of exploration and adventure.  An excess of blue fibers grew into this embroidered and beaded fiber vase, based on the coiling techniques used in my ceramics.

On the drawing table, are many other works to contemplate for future completion.  Take a look at the sketches from visiting an acquarium, and a watercolor of Mt. Ranier in a dream room.  The watercolor is on 30x40, 300# Arches. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Another Project

Things are progressing.  I have finished a painting of a still life for the painting class, and a 3D piece for that class as well.  Silk screen is close to having a finished set of prints, and soon drawing will have a new assignment to attend to.

There isn't much to say about the still life in painting.  When I took a reference photo to work on my piece at home, it had a blue cast to it.  This began with black canvas.  I love working on dark.  Revealing the light is more interesting than revealing shadows.  Most artists work with the shadows more than the highlights.  Here are the results, which will have further details addressed later.  There is a leg to add to the chair, and some work to do on the statue's drapery.

The 3D piece began with the instructions to create a work with plane, mass, volume, and plane as key elements.  I brought the remainder of a pool noodle, which had been sliced up one side to the center.  I wanted to do something along the lines of peas in a pod.  Although multiple ideas were put forth, this is the one the instructor chose for my efforts.

As I was bulking out the noodle with batting, it began to resemble a female figure.  These same kinds of figures go back through ancient times, coming out of Africa.  The figures were given to girls at the time they became young women, to teach them the responsibilities of women and mothers they were to become.  Today artists world wide are using similar forms to create art dolls.

To cover the body of the doll, strips of fabric were torn from a fabric which would exploit the pea and line aspects put forth at the beginning of the project.  Stitchery was employed to secure the fabric strips to the batting and noodle.  To form the seeds within the pod, golf balls were painted various shades, representing seeds which would be successful, and those which would not be.  

During mid-project review, it was suggested the image be taken to another level by incorporating a metaphor, and developing further meaning.  The strips of fabric led to the homeless/plenty aspect already represented by the pea pod and torn fabric strips.  The fabric behind the golf balls is printed with the words associated with healthy eating (i.e., organic, fresh, natural, etc.).  

Beading and embellishments accentuated the concept of plenty.  At a friend's suggestion, arms were added.  In this manner the "mother" figure could be posed protecting the inner seeds, and potential for the future.  From the arms are more strips of torn fabric, representing those afflicted with destitution from political and economic upheavals experienced globally today.  Among the embellishments are a pocket with "money" on the front, and an artificial piece of "penny" candy on the back.  For those without money to sustain their lives, a found penny might easily buy a piece of candy, which might be the only "meal" for a destitute person.

This is one figure of a series.  As the number of figures grows, they will represent a community.  It is through efforts of all that issues such as these are resolved permanently.  Have and have not is not longer the issue.  Sustainability of community through community becomes the viable alternative.

Where many times you hear such things as, "One person can make a lot of difference; the power of one", etc., this work is titled One Difference-Many Changes.  The focus is no longer on any one person, but on the action that mulitiplies the results.  "Every little bit helps", is a more accurate statement.  

Here is the image.  During tomorrow's daylight, I will shoot the images of the back and details.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sculpture with Humor

Drawing is one of my favorite techniques, with a plethora of media to use.  Here is the latest.  It is not in my possession and I look forward to getting my hands on it again.  There are edits pending.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Want to Know What's Coming Next?

Are you wanting to know what is coming next?  Let these tickle your fancy:

  • Serigraphs
  • Bamboo
  • Watercolor
  • Graphite
  • Rivers of Concern
  • Garlic and Onion Basket
  • Still Life 2
So hold on.  The images will be ready a week after the projects, and most of these are in the works.

In progress, garlic and onions basket:  (the right side flash washed out)

Testing the Waters

I am testing the waters to see if I can download images.  I have tried to update other settings, without success.  Go figure.  Let's see how far I can get.

I have been creating daily.  You should see the works all over my office/studio.  There are easily a hundred, and most are not finished quite yet.  

The most recent interruption is returning to university and studying fine art, only fine art (especially printmaking).  Wow!  I feel like tons of blessings from heaven have poured out all over me.  It sticks!  Like I said, wow!

A lot of images are finished and ready to share.  Some may hold a surprise for you.  This time, I have a surprise for you.  Find it below...somewhere.  :)

I think this is called The Midnight Lily in the Artist's Garden.  I think.  It is here somewhere.  This was how I handled a realism piece gone astray.  The title and style lent itself to more fun and whimsey.  Both are in short supply.  

This is one of the fun pieces.  This time it was monochromatic.  I decided a compliment was needed and added the blue.  However,  seeing the equal quantities of orange and white, requires more blue.  This piece then moved from the done to not done pile.  Rats.  Oh well.  I did move on.

This is another one of this style of playing, I mean working.  I wish the stack of these was handy, because the titles are funny.  Again, in progress.  This is an example of how the drawing progresses through the coloring.

The one below is acrylic on paper, Arches 300#.  The ones above are colored pencil on small papers.  This one is about 24x18.  

This is where you get to try it.  I am not very techy, but I think you can capture the image below and print it.  Then color it in, and send me a picture of your best one.  Use the images above to help you know how to color the shapes the wind over and under, in and out, and through.  I look forward to seeing them.  Maybe we can share with everyone.  Give it a try.

This is The Art Room Explosion, and boy has it been with these fun pieces.

Rest assured, simultaneously, realism, printmaking, and sculpture are happening.  Those images, as the one below, will soon be finished, and photographed to share with you.  I guess you will have to come back to see more.  

I'm off to try to add links to some of my favorite artists.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Blogspot has some sort of glitch with my downloading images.  Their techies have yet to reply to a dozen requests for assistance.  Daily they are receiving multiple requests for help from me.  So far nothing.

Worst case scenario:  another server.  This would entail lots of work, and hoping people will find me again.  I will announce on each of the 15 blogs I have, where the new location is, should it come to that.  I hope not!  I have a full university schedule, and so far, Blogspot has been wonderful.

Please be patient, and maybe this will be resolved.

Robbin Neff

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Producing Lots of Art

I am here, producing lots of works.  Some have been photographed, and await editing.  There will be more soon.  Please come back and see what is new.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Playing in the Studio

Well, the fun paintings are getting done also.  This is a rather large piece, and one of a pair.  Hopefully, it's not like anything seen before.  Then again, there is nothing new under the sun.  It has been fun drawing and painting this piece.  This is day two.  It is keeping me busy, among many other things.

The rest show a variety of fun pieces I have enjoyed making.  Most are from this year.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Few Here, A Few There

Maybe if a few pieces of art were photographed at a time, I would be able to post with more regularity.  If you want to see the many media I work in, do a Google search for me.  I am learning how to link, and there are 14 blogs to keep up with, on top of other media.  It is a lot of work.  I love it though.

This afternoon I finally attacked another blank canvas.  It is inspired by the location a friend sees regularly, somewhere in Alaska.  Fran, if you read this, will you tell us where?  It's off to an okay start, but it has a way to go. 

These three images are of the stopping point tonight.  My back is killing me, and I can only push it so far.  Besides, it's dinner time.

When One Thing Leads To Another

(Legal stuff:  All images are copywritten by the artist, Robbin Neff, and free for the viewing only.  To order prints at very affordable prices, please contact the artist at robbin.colors@yahoo.com for a quote on the size and substrate of your choice.  All shipping handling will be added, as size, weight, destination and insurances are variable.)

Sometimes one thing just leads to another.  I was trying to download some images of what I have been playing with creating over the past week.  While editing, the results became so fun in itself, I spent more time in Photoshop than creating more.  It was fun, but I want to make time for painting today too.  And laundry.  And floors.  And....

Anyway, here is how far I have gotten.  Let me know what you like.  I would love to hear your comments.

Some images have multiple variations following the original. 

Some are the variation. 

Some are the original.

Blue Moon Original

I love the texture of the moon.  However, this is a colored doodle, 2.5x3", called an ATC.  The inspirations for the doodle included lace doilies, Mexican and Italian ceramic serviceware, and of course, the Universe. 

Circles and repition are wonderful design component basics.   Take a look at the variations in color next.

New design elements are now introduced along with color variations.  Try changing just those two things in a new creation, and see something new in your own creations.

I love blue, so now the piece has come full circle literally and figuratively.  Now, does the viewer like this series?  I shall wait and see.


I am making cards with images of my paintings on them.  This is one.  They are available under the card line Hairy Legs and Knobby Knees.  See more of my cards at www.HairyLegsandKnobbyKnees.blogspot.com.

This is called On Top, another ATC, 2.5x3".  It looks better digitally edited.  Here are a variety of colors.

Ahhh, this is one of my favorites.  It is called Playing Through the UniverseThe variations you see here are some of my favorites also, especially the slips of the image.  So, should the narrow images be called Slipping Through the Universe?  The title change is getting my serious consideration for the slip edits.

 (sorry the focus is off)

(This and the following paragraphs refuse to justify, regardless of attempts.  Please excuse, and consider them justified.  I do like consistency in some places.)

I love the background editing of this piece.  The flowers are so dynamic, they changed the photo editing into a fine art piece.  If this piece were printed full size, it would measure about 45x50".  Here are two color ways to look at the same photo.  Again, these are favorites too.

The original image is of an art quilt I made, called Where Water Comes From.  This is a Hairy Legs + Knobby Knees card, and a bit out of focus.  (Sometimes they just will not cooperate.  It won't stop me.)