Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Facing Challenges

Well, a move at the beginning of the month has been followed with a consistently leaking roof, and plumbing backups almost daily.  As I again sit and wait for contractors, I am wishing I could access my art studio (the room leaking up to 6" on the floor).  I will return and post more soon.  In the meantime, the garden is starting to look good.  

Please come back again.  These are some of the pieces from the past and in progress, until then.

"79 Cents a Pound" - Stollen - colored pencil on masonite, 4x4" approximately.

"Time" - oil on canvas, 6x9'.  This is a photo of the piece in progress.  It is now finished, and awaiting final photography.  Yes; it is 6x9 feet.  The foreground has changed considerably.

This is the left panel of the painting above.  The color difference is a change in cameras.  This panel alone is 6x3'.

"Dressed for the Holidays" was drawn to participate in a great gallery show in Escondido, CA.  I had been drawing another funky lizard.  Continuing on a them was easy.  It is a favorite, measuring approximately 6x9", colored pencil on paper.

Drawing and painting are just a few of the media I explore with much pleasure.  Fiber arts are also full of exploration and adventure.  An excess of blue fibers grew into this embroidered and beaded fiber vase, based on the coiling techniques used in my ceramics.

On the drawing table, are many other works to contemplate for future completion.  Take a look at the sketches from visiting an acquarium, and a watercolor of Mt. Ranier in a dream room.  The watercolor is on 30x40, 300# Arches. 

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